Wedding Cars Please: The First Cars for Newlyweds

Your First Car

Your First Car

A marriage symbolises the start of something new–two people have come together to start one life. When you get married, you might choose to buy a new home or a new car as an emblem of your new start. A new car will not only be exciting, but will be able to provide you with memories for years to come. Make sure that your car will be one that will last with some good features: affordability, safety, and size.



This new car will not only be transporting you and your spouse, but also children that may come along. Make sure that your new car has great safety features. Although there might be some expense, you might want to invest a little bit more on the safety side than you would on the flashy side. You may not be able to get the latest in safety, but get standard features such as air bags and seatbelt warning lights.

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Many married couples are starting off as poor as church mice. So, if you’re looking into a new car, then be sure to be on the lookout for affordable cars. Don’t settle for lemons or clunkers, but don’t get that Ferrari you’ve been lusting after. You’ll probably have to squeeze in a house payment, insurance, and other expenses that don’t excuse the new car’s high price. Make sure that you and your spouse agree on a budget before car shopping.

A Fit Size

A Fit Size

Although you might be tempted to get a ‘smart car’ that seats only two, it would actually be a great idea to get a compact or mid-sized car. This is because of additional others joining the families–aka children. If you’ve decided not to have kids, then get the smart car. However, if you’re still undecided or you know you’re going to have children, then bigger is better. See what cars you can afford that offer good size.